The management support of the Security personnel in the implementation of the Company rules and regulations enhances their effectiveness and assures quality performance and best security services.

Pre-take over plan
Security Survey – Study and evaluation of the structure, the perimeter, the inner part, the persons and their properties to be secured.

Recruitment of guards
Hiring – The personal background, clearances, trainings and licenses of applicants are thoroughly screened.

Selecting process – qualified applicants are shortlisted for one (1) week and undergo training

Equipment- all company issued equipment are thoroughly checked and tested to ensure effectiveness when the need arises.

  Briefing and orientation training
ATTITUDE Training – proper post behavior, courtesy and firmness, proper actuation in the performance of his/her function, proper dealing with customers, calmness during verbal confrontation.
KNOWLEDGE Training – understanding orders and special instructions, strict but proper implementation of rules and policies.
SKILLS Training – awareness in responding and undertaking action during emergencies, what to do during earthquakes, fire, riots and strikes, know first aid, fire prevention and control, bomb detection.

  Mission on safety
Coordination with government law enforcers in maintaining peace and public safety.
Ensure physical and mental condition of our security personnel for alertness in order to maintain safety and quality service at all times
  Policy on safety
Instill in the mind of every Security personnel the highest degree of safety awareness. Each individual must be aware of all the necessary safety measures in order to lessen, if not, to eliminate the causes of accidents or incidents that disrupt the normality of business operations or cause injuries or death.
To prescribe and upgrade safety guidelines both in the field and in the office of every particular activity.
To give importance to comments and recommendations meant to improve present practices to be alongside the changing times.
To inspect and regularly monitor all the operation activities to ascertain the status of compliance.
To conduct re-training programs to refresh, enhance and upgrade awareness.


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